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The She-Compass Show

Feb 12, 2019

More than a few of us have made inaccurate judgments about people or situations that we’ve come to later regret. Whether we’ve avoided a situation or person based on erroneous data, grapevine gossip, or our own emotional baggage, chances are we’ve wished at some point for a do-over.

Today’s episode just might give us all the second chance we’re looking for. We’ll discuss how to always be ready to walk through the doors of opportunity by keeping our emotions from snapping to judgment or assumptions. 

Topics Include:

– How one celebrity’s decision to act on an unexpected message changed her life for the better. (1:24)

– How the judgments you make today impact people in your immediate space,  people in your secondary space, and expands to those whom you have yet to meet. (8:15)

– How to recognize when your emotions are negatively contributing to your judgment and what you should do about it. Includes a discussion about recent news events regarding comedian Patton Oswalt. (11:09)

– How flawed assumptions and knee-jerk reactions can derail a life-changing opportunity (13:50)

– What the character Allison from the book Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons for Women Voyaging Toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal  shows us about the dangers of acting on false assumptions (22:40)

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