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The She-Compass Show

Dec 11, 2018

The Black Tax is a burden that’s been laid on African-Americans for generations. In addition to its general definition of Blacks needing to work twice as hard as Whites to gain equal recognition, The Black Tax is also the unwritten obligation laid upon certain members of the African-American community: that any African-American person reaching a level of financial success surpassing that of the black majority is expected to use her newly-gained revenue, resources, and assets to support others in the community, even if that support costs her everything.

It’s an albatross that many African-Americans carry, and there are countless stories of the emotional and financial toll the Black Tax has taken on successful African-Americans.

Join us for a conversation about why it’s time to end The Black Tax, how black women and men can soar to success without compromise, and what people of all communities can gain from the undoing of the Black Tax. Includes commentary from Trevor Noah and Oprah Winfrey.