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The She-Compass Show

Jan 29, 2019

“Feelings of inadequacy fester only when we are persuaded to believe we are powerless.” — Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons for Women Voyaging Toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal

Personal power is one of the strongest identifiers of how well we can make our way in the world. It contributes to heightened self-esteem, an abundance of self-love, and helps us see past self-doubt and negativity. But if we are unsure how to harness it, how do we make personal power work to our advantage? We’ll explore these questions and more, including:

– How to identify your unique, personal power (2:42)

– Specific steps you can take to harness it (3:04)

– Techniques for stopping the “haters” from swaying you away from your personal power (4:41)

– How to stop comparing yourself to others and the importance of being unafraid of risk (5:21)

– How not recognizing your personal power devalues who you are (6:23)

– The importance of embracing your talents for what they are, not what you or someone else think they should be (7:09)

– The difference between conceit and confidence (8:32)

– Discussion of the character “Jessica” from Finding Our She-Compass and how her lack of personal power held her back from her ultimate career success (9:23)

– What to do if identifying your personal power seems impossible --includes a discussion about Steve Harvey and his views on the uncertainty of entrepreneurship(11:16)

– How to keep negative talk and self-doubt from sabotaging your true inner strength (13:03)

– Why it’s important to release yourself from other people’s expectations (15:42)

– Self-love as a tool for survival (18:48)

– How to use personal power as a weapon of love (19:41)

– How not to confuse challenges with limitations/moving past the negativity of others (20:34)

– How to transform your negative experience into a vehicle for increased self-esteem (22:39)

– How to be a warrior for kindness in a war of toxicity (27:40)

– How awareness of your personal power creates light and positivity in the world (29:57) 

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