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The She-Compass Show

Mar 13, 2018

Sisterhood. Sorority. Self-Esteem. Support.

Welcome to The She-Compass Show! Based on the book Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons for Women Voyaging Toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal, host and author of the book Helen Owens connects with dynamic women from all walks of life.

Join the conversation as women share their personal stories of overcoming some of life’s most challenging obstacles to become captains of their own ships. Together they share and gain insight on some of the most pressing issues facing women of all ages, connecting through the power of conversation to reveal the lessons that have enabled them to find their voices and harness their personal power.

In this episode, Helen interviews 4 diverse women who discuss what it means to Find Your Genius. Each of these women has a unique path to self-discovery - find out what they endured and how they managed to achieve smooth sailing in some of life's roughest waters.

“Women possess an innate ability to love on the highest levels: we need to exercise that love with our most important allies—other women.” –Helen Owens, author, Finding Our She-Compass.

 Follow She-Compass on social media for more on upcoming shows—including some raw emotional moments in upcoming episodes—and be sure and grab a copy of the book for yourself and your sisterhood.

“Sisters on a symbiotic voyage make rogue waves quiver.” –