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The She-Compass Show

Feb 5, 2019

Women today have a host of successes and achievements we can celebrate. No longer relegated to limited choices in career, marriage, motherhood or financial outlook, we women know that the world is truly our oyster.

But no matter how smoothly our life's ships are sailing, tumultuous storms are always here. In this episode we'll share our power words for managing some of life’s roughest seas, providing a fresh take on “What’s on Your Mind,” one of Season One’s most interesting segments.

Find out what the chosen survival power words are and why they are particularly important to the current state of the country and world. Includes commentary on the shutdown of the United States federal government, recent layoffs at two major media outlets, and what we can all do to stay afloat in this charged economic and political environment.

Topics covered include:

– First power word (2:59)

– Why it’s the word that most pertains to the state of the country and world right now (3:43)

– A personal story to remind listeners how difficult it can be to hold onto a power word when things aren’t going your way (4:12)

– Second power word (6:10)

– The one place we should all go when everything else around us fails (6:37)

– Why this power word is particularly appropriate for this episode (7:39)

– What Allison’s and Amy’s character from the book Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons for Women Voyaging toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal can teach us about today’s power words (8:56)

– Advice on what to do when others—-unintentionally or otherwise—undermine your power word (includes commentary on a recent post from the She-Compass Facebook page) (10:51)

– Encouraging, positive thoughts we can take with us as we navigate today’s most difficult challenges (12:25)

– How the people in your life can help you actualize your power word (13:25)

– A final recommendation for getting through life’s difficulties (14:45)

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