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The She-Compass Show

Feb 26, 2019

If today you became completely responsible for the care of someone else, what would you do? How would you manage your own life and the daily care of another?

This is what millions of unpaid female caretakers face daily while trying to balance their careers, be the caretakers of their household and family, and maintain their own health. And while these women are busy caring for others, who takes care of them?

In this episode, we’ll explore solutions for surviving the stress of being a female caregiver and delve into the issues faced in being responsible for the care of another.

Topics Include:

– Some statistics on the stress of being a female caregiver (2:50)

– Two nursing facility horror stories  (4:20)

– A personal look at the realities of living as a female caregiver (6:06)

–  Advice/tips for (a) helping those we care for to not become discouraged during their illness and (b) maintaining our sanity as caregivers (16:01)

–  What are the challenges of placing our loved ones in a nursing facility? (22:03)

–  Comments on what it’s like to be the sole caregiver at home for a loved one (25:13)

** As noted in our show, host Helen Owens' will be speaking live at the Big, Inspire, Grow membership meeting on Friday August 9, 2019 at 10 am in Chatham Township, NJ. Please join her for an uplifting discussion on how she overcame poverty, teenage pregnancy and a lifelong battle with dyslexia to become an author and empowerer of women. For details, contact Cathy Maloney, or visit the Believe, Inspire, Grow website. 

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