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The She-Compass Show

Jan 15, 2019

In late 2018, Baltimore, MD resident and good samaritan Jacqueline Smith was murdered as she made her way home one evening with her husband Keith and young daughter. Just as Smith was nearing her destination, she and Keith were approached by a man and woman holding a sign, asking for food for their baby.  

At the urging of his wife who desperately wanted to help the impoverished couple, Keith Smith rolled down the front car windows to offer assistance. That’s when the woman stabbed Jacqueline Smith to death and robbed her of her personal items. In a press conference asking for help in finding the murderer of his wife, Smith shared his grief as he urged people to be careful when approached by panhandlers on the street, saying, “The last thing I thought is that they would take my wife’s life.”

In a world where the war on kindness is ever present, how do women decide when it’s safe to extend generosity without compromising safety? We’ll layout safe-giving techniques, how to use your sixth sense to help identify danger, and how to be a warrior for kindness without putting yourself in harm’s way.

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