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The She-Compass Show

Feb 19, 2019

A 2018 study confirms what seems almost impossible—that grown women, many of whom were on the receiving end of teenage gossip themselves, grow up to use gossip as a weapon against other women.

In a time where women have more opportunity than ever before to empower each other, we need to take a close look at why slander amongst females is still able to flourish. We’ll talk about ways to silence rumors and malicious talk, and what we can do now to create environments where women view one another as partners rather than a threat.

We'll explore these topics:

– Why are grown women still compelled to gossip about one another? According to research, here’s the real reason. (1:35)

– In their own words: Comments from women who have been victims of gossip (3:26)

– Real talk about why adult women feel compelled to engage in vitriolic behavior (4:29)

– Real-world advice on what each of us can do to undo the “mean girl’ climate and keep it from flourishing in our environments (6:04)

– What is “concerned gossip?” (8:43)

– Why some women still equate confidence with conceit (9:53)

– Actions we can take now to stop gossip in its tracks (11:37)

– How a “gossip girl intervention” changed one woman’s mean-girl behavior (13:20)

– The key takeaway from the study on female gossip, according to its researcher (17:15)

– Two personal stories about female gossip and their surprising positive outcome (18:43)

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