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The She-Compass Show

Mar 5, 2019

As women, we strive daily to reach our goals and be the absolute best we can be. But sometimes what’s possible to attain falls short of our ambition. The truth is it takes real courage to admit we’re not happy with the way things are.  And when we feel like we’re failing it’s so easy to give up on pursuing our dreams.

So while we’re busy trying to take our lives to the next level, what would happen if we decided simply to accept things as they are? What if we took a break from trying to break through and allowed ourselves to be okay with not being okay? In this episode, we’ll talk about the role vulnerability plays in our lives and learn how to make peace with a life that may still feel like it’s in pieces.

Topics include:

– What happens to us when we allow vulnerability into our lives and learn to make peace with things beyond our control? Includes commentary from author and research professor Dr. Brene Brown and spiritual teacher/author Iyanla Vanzant.

– How speaking your goals into the future can influence your destiny (6:30)

– The importance of having patience with and fully believing in your life’s process (12:45)

– Learning how to be a facilitator to your life instead of a controller. (13:50)

– How your attitude affects your gratitude (15:11)

– How grief blocks your ability to forgive and how it impacts your ability to create a fulfilled future (17:40)

– The skills needed to be content with an out-of-control world (25:35)

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** As mentioned in this episode, host Helen Owens' will be speaking live at the Big, Inspire, Grow membership meeting on Friday August 9, 2019 at 10 am in Chatham Township, NJ. Please join her for an uplifting discussion on how she overcame poverty, teenage pregnancy and a lifelong battle with dyslexia to become an author and empowerer of women. For details, contact Cathy Maloney, or visit the Believe, Inspire, Grow website.